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Koray G2000UR LED Grow Light Unboxing&Reviewing | Uniformity Technology | via.Fertiliser Queen

Fertiliser Queen

It's packed really well, you can connect multiple lights together, it's very heavy and feels sturdy, alot sturdier than my other brand grow light, which actually surprises me. It has a CE certification whcih is good. I'm really impressive with the quality, it's very well built, i have zero complaints.

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Koray Grow Light 100watts LED Grow Light Unboxing&First Impression | via.PlantyPrincess


I am loving the weight which lets me know it's made out of nice sturdy heavy duty materials, they also use Samsung diodes and a MeanWell driver which are two very reputable brands, and it has my favorite IR lighting which can help to produce a better yeild

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The Youngest and Cutest Vlogger Unbox the #G1000UR Koray LED Grow Light

Green Yard TV

The light is awesome, it was super easy to put in, super easy to set up, and if we need to move it up or down we can use the hanger to adjust it, really really really easily, actually it took me a lot more time to put in my fan than it did to put in the light, which is really really funny.

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