The growth of Marco’s small potatoes

The growth of Marco’s small potatoes--Koray

Potato, Solanaceae Solanum, is an annual herbaceous plant. Potatoes are native to southern Peru.

In my hometown, there is an ingredient, a very small potato, This is a small potato that does not grow up, the variety is Marco, (similar to or the same as Mira potatoes)

Different from the good-looking, big, but tasteless potatoes in supermarkets; Marco’s small potatoes, which are smaller than eggs, and their “small and exquisite” shape make them easier to cook and taste, and they are very convenient to cook. Once cooked, it is filled with the aroma of potatoes, soft, fragrant, and sweet.

When I was young, I liked potato bacon soup. Wash the newly dug potatoes and put them in a snakeskin bag, rub them twice, and then peel them for later use.

Cut a few slices of bacon, put it in the pan, fry a few times, then add the potato, stir fry for a while, add water and simmer without any condiments (the bacon has a salty taste), it only takes 15 minutes, and you can add some Chopped green onion, that delicious, can be called a classic aftertaste!

In October 2020, I suddenly remembered the memories of this young age. I bought some potatoes online. Because the season had passed, the taste was no longer there, so I put a few of them and planted them in planting pots as seedlings and put plant lights. Under the light, apart from watering and providing light, it didn’t take much care of it. It actually grew and Yielded potatoes.

In January 2021, most of the potato beans and small potato leaves were withered. They were originally prepared to be dug out for the Spring Festival. Today, after the exam, the children specially dug out some of them to see if they can make the taste of childhood.

The growth of Marco’s small potatoes--Koray
The growth of Marco’s small potatoes--Koray

The growth of Marco’s small potatoes--Koray

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