Indoor Grow Journal-May 29th,2021


[Lab-Farmer] Indoor Grow Journal-May 29th,2021

We have the super hot pepper and the Devil Broken Soul Pepper this time. Pardon me but i will never try the spiciness because last time I harvested Zhangshugang chili, i used it to cook with meat and felt badly spicy.


Here below are some pictures of harvest, i have some explain. you can compare the fruit with my big hand.


The summer sun tomato is not as sweet as legend, but still sweeter than other varieties.--Koray Grow Light
The summer sun tomato is not as sweet as legend, but still sweeter than other varieties.

Steak tomato--Koray Grow Light
Steak tomato, the seeds should be right, but it’s not as big as expected.


Devil's Broken Soul Pepper, 1 million scoville of spiciness--Koray Grow Light

Devil's Broken Soul Pepper, 1 million scoville of spiciness, do you want a try?


Chaotian Pepper--Koray Grow Light

Chaotian Pepper


Yellow Devil Broken Soul Pepper--Koray Grow Light

Yellow Devil Broken Soul Pepper, also 1 million scoville of spiciness


Yellow pear tomatoes--Koray Grow Light

Yellow pear tomatoes, the appearance is very pleasing, the taste is okay


 Green tiger tomato--Koray Grow Light

Green tiger tomato, very pretty, also I like the taste


 San Masano tomatoes, I haven’t eaten them before, the taste is average, a bit sour--Koray Grow Light

San Masano tomatoes, I haven’t eaten them before, the taste is average, a bit sour


The sunrise bumblebee, because of hydroponics is bigger than expect, however plant in soil is much better--Koray Grow Light

The sunrise bumblebee, because of hydroponics is bigger than expect, however plant in soil is much better


Here below is the plant tent i used, with a 100W plant lamp.

Here below is the plant tent i used, with a 100W plant lamp.--Koray Grow Light


Basically one kilowatt per day is enough, I planted in this tent, exactly 2 months, 60 kilowatt-hours of electricity as a hobby. If you use the plant lights to grow economic value, you will need to plant special varieties, for example, the price of Chalapita peppers is $220,000/kg.


Finally, let me tell you what i learn from these two month. I found that the some of the pepper seeds that cost me a lot of money were FAKE. We don’t know until the seed became fruit! It’s such disappointed and time and money waste.

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